Quick Intro

Having begun as a few links collected for my use and growing into the monstrosity you see here, Another Avatar MUD Site is a reference page linking to ALL THINGS AVATAR.

On this page and in the Gaming Guides, you'll find links to every other Av site and player page, plus help on topics ranging from starting a new alt to gods, gear, directions, and other info. Got a website of your own? Send me info so I can add it here, and feel free to add a link on your pages back to this site. There are also player birthdays logged here.

This site and its features were optimized to function in IE 6+ and Mozilla.org browsers (i.e. Netscape 7+, Mozilla, Camino).

Click here if this page hasn't loaded completely. And if any weird install requests pop up, they aren't my doing so don't accept. Feedback is always welcome.


Tracking Alts

Track your alts' last log-in's to avoid purging. ADD your alts, then on days you log them in, simply check off their names on this page and click UPDATE. You have at least 6 months between purges.

Pfile Tracker

Starting an Alt

Want more variety? You can always make a new alt or ten. Just pick a name (preferably one that fits Av's naming rules) and select from the game's races and classes. Compare them here.

Av Race/Class Comparer

Birthday Checker
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